This photo is from our project “Sakura and Rose, Tenderness and Passion” with photographer Ailin Gasparian, models Elena Khanpira and Jen Katzner, make-up artist Elena Melehov, polymer clay flowers by Olga Starostina and silk painting by Elena Kuzina.  We are really great team!

EleNes Silk Painting

Welcome to EleNesSilk, the world of air flowing silk batik! Here you can choose absolutely unique scarves and shawls matching your own style, and elegant personalized gifts. All scarves are made of high quality natural or artificial silk and painted using non-toxic silk colors.

You can order the scarf or wrap of different sizes and for different purpose: color splash for your office suite, fancy detail for formal dressing, or luxurious hear wrapping! Also, your scarf can be personalized with a name, words of love, or symbols that are important to you. All our silk items are unique, completely hand-painted, and most of them also hemmed by hand.
Here you can read some of the creative stories… or just scroll down the page to explore the scarves and wraps available for purchase in the Etsy store. Enjoy!      


Read our blog posts about silk scarves and inspiration:

Study in Orange

For centuries, roses were the ultimate symbol of unconditional love. These are the flowers gentlemen gave their sweethearts to show their affection. These are the flowers than knights picked up to flirt with the young ladies. Roses come in so many different shapes and colors. Red, pink, white, orange… even black! Just like true love comes in countless forms. They re so beautiful and they smell so good. It makes me happy just having a couple in my house. I’ve always loved roses, ever since I was a young child… continue reading

Another One Mexico Inspiration

This scarf reminds me of my amazing trip to Mexico. After spending so much time in the north, it was refreshing to see the sun, coconut trees, huge parrots, and exotic flowers. I’ve always adored flowers, especially the ones that are rare and odd-shaped, and I always felt bad because I wasn’t able to grow these tropical plants in my own garden. I took so many pictures on that trip and gathered so many amazing ideas! I couldn’t wait to come back home and paint them all on my silk. These exotic purple flowers are one of the countless ideas I had when I came back from Mexico, and I’m so happy with what I created… continue reading

Silk Scarf with Dots and Flowers

After countless hiking days, a few visits to the local modern art galleries, and hours of surfing the web in search of new ideas, I thought to myself: “Can I possibly do an abstract painting on a silk scarf?” It took me some time, thinking and planning until I came up with this adorable idea. White polka dots on a red and green background… continue reading

Mexico waters

I got the idea for this scarf on my amazing trip to Mexico. I finally got to take a break from the coldness of the north and enjoy the sun, coconut trees, seashells, and huge colorful parrots. I saw so many gorgeous exotic flowers that I never see in the north, and I got so much inspiration, that I simply couldn’t wait till I get back home to my studio and paint them all… continue reading

Winter trees on a silk

I have a special place in my heart for all the season of the year because each one of them is beautiful in its own way. Spring is when all the flowers start blooming and earth turns green, summer is when it’s warm enough to go to the beach with my family, autumn is when earth slowly falls asleep and it rains almost every day, and winter is when the snow falls, and it looks like a sweet layer of cotton candy… continue reading

Maritime Landscape in Silk

For so many years I found the sea beautiful and fascinating. I always loved walking along the seashore, watching the waves crashing down, feeling the sand and the tiny seashells under my feet, listening to the whistle of the wind… It’s such a beautiful force of nature. Every summer I would convince my children to go to the beach with me for the day. The best days are when we cut a watermelon, pack our swimsuits, take the little grandkids, and go to the beach. These are my favorite memories. If there’s one thing I wish for is for me and my entire family to live together close to the seashore.

continue reading

Pink roses

Throughout the history of mankind, roses and the color red were the symbols of love, passion, and romance. For centuries, and even today, roses are the symbol of femininity and beauty for both girls and women. These are the flowers that every man gave his sweetheart to show his never-ending love. In some languages, the words “rose”, “pink”, and “red” and connected to the word “beauty”, and it’s no coincidence that women love this flower so much. They say that a woman’s best friend is a diamond, but in reality, it is and forever will be a rose… continue reading 

How I get inspired

I get inspiration from everywhere. I can walk around my neighborhood, drink tea at my house, browse the internet, or talk to a friend when suddenly a great idea hits me. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I love plants and landscapes, and it often shows on my handmade scarfs. Nature is a big part of me, and it always continue to inspire my work… continue reading

Brave Anemones

In my country, Israel, springtime is full of beauty and life. The moment the rains stop, and the sun comes out, billions of wildflowers start blooming. Every spring we see the blooming Forget-me-nots, the gentle blossom of the cherry, wild chamomile, and many more! There are so many species that it’s not possible to count them all. The flower that always stands out the most is the anemone…. continue reading

Sea and Stones

For my entire life, the sea held a very special place in my heart. Now that I live so close to it, I get to witness its beauty every single day. I always loved walking barefoot on the wet seashore and look at the unique shells and little rocks. The sound of the waves crashing down, the gentle wind, the sun above my head, the enchanting landscape of the beach, all these have been inspiring me for so many years. I’ve been drawing and painting the sea for a very long time, using a big variety of mediums. In this scarf, I depicted the delicate turquoise color of the water, and the light beige color of the sand, decorated with the little rocks and sea pebbles… continue reading