EleNes Silk Painting

Welcome to EleNesSilk, the world of air flowing silk batik! Here you can choose absolutely unique scarves and shawls matching your own style, and elegant personalized gifts. All scarves are made of high quality natural or artificial silk and painted using non-toxic silk colors.

Pink roses

Throughout the history of mankind, roses and the color red were the symbols of love, passion, and romance. For centuries, and even today, roses are the symbol of femininity and beauty for both girls and women. These are the flowers that every man gave his sweetheart to show his never-ending love. In some languages, the words “rose”, “pink”, and “red” and connected to the word “beauty”, and it’s no coincidence that women love this flower so much. They say that a woman’s best friend is a diamond, but in reality, it is and forever will be a rose… continue reading 

How I get inspired

I get inspiration from everywhere. I can walk around my neighborhood, drink tea at my house, browse the internet, or talk to a friend when suddenly a great idea hits me. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I love plants and landscapes, and it often shows on my handmade scarfs. Nature is a big part of me, and it always continue to inspire my work… continue reading