This scarf reminds me of my amazing trip to Mexico. After spending so much time in the north, it was refreshing to see the sun, coconut trees, huge parrots, and exotic flowers. I’ve always adored flowers, especially the ones that are rare and odd shaped, and I always felt bad because I wasn’t able to grow these tropical plants in my own garden. I took so many pictures on that trip and gathered so many amazing ideas! I couldn’t wait to come back home and paint them all on my silk. These exotic purple flowers are one of the countless ideas I had when I came back from Mexico, and I’m so happy with what I created.

I used two beautiful shades of purple for the flowers and shades of green, purple, and grey for the background. It was important to me to create contrast and make the flowers the most visible part of the scarf. I also created leaves using a nice, pale shade of green that matched the purples perfectly. There was a lot of thought behind this handmade scarf and it makes it truly one of a kind. When I look at it, I feel like I’m in the exotic garden again, surrounded by parrots and little monkeys.

This large handmade silk scarf will look amazing on you no matter what you war. it could be your swimsuit, your casual outfit, or something more festive like a dress. The only limit is your imagination! These flowers can not be seen in the north, so why not embrace their rare beauty with this accessory? It’s the perfect gift for every woman who loves nature and flowers. Treat yourself or the special woman in your life to this gorgeous scarf, and enjoy the warmth, light, and beauty of Mexico.