I got the idea for this scarf on my amazing trip to Mexico. I finally got to take a break from the coldness of the north and enjoy the sun, coconut trees, seashells, and huge colorful parrots. I saw so many gorgeous exotic flowers that I never see in the north, and I got so much inspiration, that I simply couldn’t wait till I get back home to my studio and paint them all. The number of pictures I took in Mexico is mind-blowing. I’ve never taken so many pictures in my entire life!

This idea came to me while I was walking along the seashore of Mexico, looking at the water. I thought to myself “what if the water was a different color?” and that’s how this picture came to mind. Purple seaweed, with bubbles all over the place, and a background painted with faint shades of blue, pink, and purple. It looks like tropical leaves floating on the ocean water. So peaceful and relaxing. Almost like watching the waves, but much better!

I kept the color palette very warm to create a positive and happy feeling to it. I think this is exactly what made the trick. When I look at this scarf it brings back warm memories of parrots, huge flowers, and the blue ocean.
This large handmade silk scarf is the perfect accessory for every woman out there who loves tropical colors. It will look amazing no matter what you wear. It could be your swimsuit, your casual outfit, or your festive dress. The only limit is your imagination! Treat yourself, or the woman you love to the exotic beauty of the ocean. Embrace the warmth, light, and enchanting colors of Mexico. I know for sure that it will make you feel free and happy, just like I do when I look at these incredible shades of pink.