After countless hiking days, a few visits to the local modern art galleries, and hours of surfing the web in search of new ideas, I thought to myself: “Can I possibly do an abstract painting on a silk scarf?” It took me some time, thinking and planning until I came up with this adorable idea. White polka dots on red and green background.

Polka dots was always one of my most favorite fabric patterns. I just find it so cute on children, and it looks nice on me. I think at some point I owned at least three dresses with polka dots. To be honest, I’m a little surprised it took to me so long to think of a polka dot pattern for my scarfs.

I decided to not step out of my comfort zone too much and painted the dots in a pattern similar to the way wildflowers grow. I adore all flowers, but wild flowers always held a special place in my heart because they are so cute and humble, and I just love looking at them and painting them. I chose the red and green background because it reminds me of a beautiful sunset. The colors are not very vibrant, but they still manage to create a nice contrast between the dots and the background. All these simple features create a small and very adorable handmade accessory.

This scarf is a perfect gift for any woman. It looks amazing with both casual clothes and a more festive outfit. The only limit it your imagination! It’s a great way to brighten up your day or somebody else’s! Treat yourself or a woman you love to this cute little accessory. I created it to brighten up the mood of whoever is wearing it, and I’m sure it will do the job perfectly.