For centuries, roses were the ultimate symbol of unconditional love. These are the flowers gentlemen gave their sweethearts to show their affection. These are the flowers than knights picked up to flirt with the young ladies. Roses come in so many different shapes and colors. Red, pink, white, orange… even black! Just like true love comes in countless forms. They re so beautiful and they smell so good. It makes me happy just having a couple in my house. I’ve always loved roses, ever since I was a young child.

Unfortunately, roses never live forever. At some point the flower will fall and give space to a fruit. But a scarf can stay with you for decades! Maybe even be passed on to your children! What’s a better way to express your unconditional love than giving that special woman in your life a bouquet of roses that will never die? Nothing!

For this scarf, I decided to paint with the most underrated color of roses- orange. I realized that most people associate roses with the colors red, white, and pink, but never orange. I want to show everybody that roses are always beautiful no matter what’s their color. They can be brown and still gorgeous! Just like women, roses are incredible no matter what’s their size or color.

This romantic handmade silk scarf is the best gift for every woman in the world. It looks beautiful with both casual clothes and a festive outfit. The only limit is your imagination! Treat yourself, or the woman you love to this beautiful symbol of romance and love. Show her your affection through a gift that will last forever, just like your feelings for her.