Natalie is a flawless noble lady. She is surprised to find herself in a modern house in the center of Canada!
“What? Winnipeg??? Ma-ni-to-ba? Where is it???”
Natalie can’t believe her eyes! Where are her servants and maids? Where is a ball room, drawing room, all-other-rooms and boudoirs? They don’t have even fireplace here! Disgusting.

Now seriously. Natalie is quite high – 50 cm / 19.7 inches without her fancy bonnet. She wears her original dress, pants, and nice feathered bonnet, and she has high-heel shoes painted dorectly on the poscelain legs. The body and all accessories are in perfect condition. Even the black feather on the bonnet. No repair was needed, I just carefully washed everything. 

I hope poor Lady Natalie can find worthy house.