For so many years I found the sea beautiful and fascinating. I always loved walking along the seashore, watching the waves crashing down, feeling the sand and the tiny seashells under my feet, listening to the whistle of the wind… It’s such a beautiful force of nature. Every summer I would convince my children to go to the beach with me for the day. The best days are when we cut a watermelon, pack our swimsuits, take the little grandkids, and go to the beach. These are my favorite memories. If there’s one thing I wish for is for me and my entire family to live together close to the seashore.

My second favorite thing to do is to go to the port and observe al the beautiful ships. I painted ships countless times and I still paint them sometimes. I find all ships fascinating. Warships, fancy cruise ships, gigantic carrier ships, expensive yachts, and tiny private ships. They’re all beautiful to me. I often jokingly said that I want to buy a yacht.

When I wasn’t able to go to the beach, I would look at pictures of it and paint my own artworks. The beauty of the sun rays hitting the water, creating splashes of color and sparkles, it inspired me to create this big silk scarf.

The handmade accessory I created is the best piece of clothing to wear during the hot summer. The delicate turquoise color, with the gentle splashed of orange and yellow, create the picture that I saw every day from my window for years. The gorgeous Mediterranean Sea meeting the sandy shore of my dear country, Israel. It will look amazing on the beach with a swimsuit, with your casual outfit, or with a more festive outfit. The only limit is your imagination. It’s a beautiful gift for anybody who shared the love for the beach with me.