In my country, Israel, springtime is full of beauty and life. The moment the rains stop, and the sun comes out, billions of wild flowers start blooming. Every spring we see the blooming Forget-me-nots, the gentle blossom of the cherry, wild chamomile, and many more! There are so many species that it’s not possible to count them all. The flower that always stands out the most is the anemone. It stands tall above all the other flowers, like a burning beacon of red fire. When I look at a flower field, I always notice it because the red looks so bright on top of the green grass. This flower loves attention, and it gets it every spring.

The Israeli people, a long time ago, declared the anemone the official symbol of spring, along with the blossom of the almond tree. There also purple and pink anemones, but these ones are not as common as the red ones, and they don’t get as much attention.

One day while I was hiking around the beautiful fields that surround my city, I saw the enchanting landscape of white, green, and red. These were the blooming chamomiles and the anemones right beside each other! The true beauty of the wild Israeli prairies. This view inspired me to paint this gorgeous handmade silk scarf.

This accessory is one of a kind and it’s the perfect gift for all women. It looks equally beautiful with casual clothes and a festive outfit. There are no limits to what you can do with this scarf! Treat yourself or a woman you love to the beautiful colors of Israel’s spring. Embrace the pride and the confidence of the red anemone. It’s a very brave flower, and so should be you!