For my entire life the sea held a very special place in my heart. Now that I live so close to it, I get to witness its beauty every single day. I always loved walking barefoot on the wet seashore and look at the unique shells and little rocks. The sound of the waves crashing down, the gentle wind, the sun above my head, the enchanting landscape of the beach, all these have been inspiring me for so many years. I’ve been drawing and painting the sea for a very long time, using a big variety of mediums. In this scarf I depicted the delicate turquoise color of the water, and the light beige color of the sand, decorated with the little rocks and sea pebbles.

This beautiful accessory can be that one unique gift you were looking for yourself, your friend, or a loved one. The design is simple and delicate, making the scarf look good with any outfit and style. You can wear it for a date, a party, with a casual outfit, or wear it at the beach. I remember how happy I was while I was painting this beautiful image, and I put so much love and positive energy into it. It’s the best gift for a nature lover!

I want you to embrace the natural beauty of the sea with this little scarf. It’s a pure form of art, and you get to wear it whenever you want. If you love the beach as much as I do, the waves and the warmth of the sand, I’m sure you will enjoy wearing this accessory. It will take you far away to where you want to be, on the seashore, listening to the sound of seagulls, looking at the reflection of the sunlight on the water, feeling free.