I get inspiration from everywhere. I can walk around my neighborhood, drink tea at my house, browse the internet, or talk to a friend when suddenly a great idea hits me. Most of my inspiration comes from nature. I love plants and landscapes, and it often shows on my handmade scarfs. Nature is a big part of me, and it always continue to inspire my work.

I remember one day when I was walking outside in my local forest, I noticed that autumn has arrived. The green leaves already started turning brown and a lot of them already fell off. The trees were getting ready to fall asleep and begin a new cycle of life. I’ve always found myself relaxing when autumn comes, like I’m a tree myself. I love the gentle shades of brown on the ground, the sound of cracking leaves, and the beauty of a naked tree. On that moment, I got a great idea for a painting.

Leaves. I wanted to paint autumn leaves in shades of orange and brown. It’ such a beautiful and soothing color. But I needed something else in this artwork, something to make it more interesting. And that’s when I decided to add a rose. The contrast between the pink and the brown created a gorgeous combination that I immediately fell in love with. I know that a rose is not supposed to bloom when everything else is falling asleep, but when it comes to art, there are no rules.

This scarf turned out looking very romantic, making it a gorgeous accessory for every woman out there who loves the cool autumn months. It will go well with any kind of outfit and will add an interesting accent to your wardrobe. This is a unique and very elegant accessory, and I know that you will love wearing it.