I recognized her immediately upon arrival. She was previously known as Anne de Breuil, Lady Clarik/Clarick, Comtesse de la Fère, Milady de Winter, Charlotte Backson… who knows how many names she changed in her troubled life?

She survived again. Maybe she can use another chance for the best.

She was tired and wounded. Her dress was dirty and torn. Hair was dingy and messy.
But there was humility in her eyes. And hope.

So, we began to work.
Nothing of her clothes was worth to save. I washed the dress and rip up the bodice to use it as a pattern to a new one.

First, I cleaned her hair and repainted her face. This was a second time I painted a doll face, and I am really proud of myself!
I decided not to glue the dolly eyelashes and to leave the painted ones only.
I also made some “plastic surgery”: replaced “breast implants”, reattached the shoulder plate to the body and added some stuffing to smooth the shoulders line. 

It was quite difficult to choose the colour of a new doll’s dress! It had to be elegant, not too girlish, not too “virgin”, but not too candid though.
After some doubts, I decided to use one of the girls’ dresses I had bought in a thrift shop: wine red velvet “Christmas” toddler dress. I used Charlotte’s old dress for a pattern.
As for decorations, I chose golden metallic laces and golden seed beads.

I did not count the work hours, but it was quite a long time. All these beads and all these lace are sewn on by hand completely. All open edges of the bodice and skirt are decorated by one or two lines of seed beads and “gold” metallic lace.
I did not use the velcro, I took plastic fasteners instead.
I also made a new pair of shoes (the story of the shoes is worth the separate blog post!)

Now, after all her body and soul transformations, Charlotte just ceased to be ruthless and cruel Milady de Winter. She is Charlotte, amazing and soft young woman.