This is Samantha.
*everyone: “Hello, Samantha!…*
Samantha was found in the Salvation Army store in Winnipeg. Her condition was not very bad, but some refreshing was definitely needed.

I cleaned and brushed Samantha’s hair. Her braids and hat were glued directly to the wig. I cleaned off all the glue, braided the hair and fastened her braids and hat with threads.
Samantha also got hew decoration on her hat (see gallery below).

The face was cleaned too, and new “lipstick” was applied instead of old peeled one.
Unfortunately, I can fix Samantha’s misplaced eyes.

Overall, this lucky girl is beautiful!
Now she is clean, fresh, and ready to go to a new family.
Samantha’s papers were lost somewhere, but she still has the Certificate of Authenticity sewn on her back.
See photo gallery for more details and close-ups.
And if you want to became new Samantha’s family, click the “Adopt the Doll” button!

Update: Samantha was adopted and moved to a new family in December 2019. All the best, dear girl!